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The Golden Hive

The hive stands on legs taking the bees away from the damp ground whilst making any management of the hive at a more comfortable level. The hive itself has 14 frames each 290mm wide by 460mm deep. This allows the bees to develop a greater head of honey that in turn greatly reduces the risk of starvation during winter and early spring. The walls of the hive have an inner and outer skin of softwood, sandwiching a cork insulation board that gives the equivalent of 150mm thickness of wood. With the fluctuating daily temperatures, the bees are able to maintain a more constant temperature, thus reducing their workload and stress. A deep quilt box full of shavings sits above a hessian cloth cover that lies over the frames, providing yet further insulation. All of this is under a pitched roof.

The hive is made from untreated softwood, ready for you to paint and decorate using bee-friendly treatment. It is recommended to treat the legs with a good quality wood preservative before fixing them to the hive.

This venture benefits so many




A most wonderful symbiotic relationship!

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  • The bees by being housed in a deep and insulated hive off the ground.

  • The children of Stroud and Ghana, by learning the benefits of beekeeping, how pollination works and how they should care for the environment.

  • Leyhill prisoners by learning carpentry skills and beekeeping knowledge.

  • The owner of the Golden Hive by having the knowledge that the Golden Hive is giving the bees a good home without unnecessary interference and yet being able to share some honey.

Currently unavailable


During the spring and early summer we can provide a swarm settled on frames to slot into your Golden Hive for £100 collected. This is of course subject to how many swarms are available. Alternatively, if you collect a swarm you can run it in from the ground through an open bottom panel. A wondrous procedure to observe!